Rakdos, Lord of Riots

I wasn’t really planning on going to tonight’s FNM. But a certain post in Twitter ruined my otherwise-perfect day. To let off some steam, i contacted my friend (shopowner) to delay the FNM a little bit ’cause i wanted to play. And what better deck to use to let off steam than Rakdos Control?

Yep, you heard it right. Rakdos Control. Mind you that this is a rotation-safe deck with only Cavern of Souls and Dragonskull Summit to lose in the coming rotation. The chaotic Guild of Ravnica could control as well as it can be used as aggro. How, you ask? Let me explain.

If you’ve read my blog about my first ever FNM using mono-black control, you could easily infer that i used a ton of removals here. Which is true. The great thing about adding red is that the removals now have dual purpose. Shock and Annihilating Fire could double as both removals AND burns. Plus, Annihilating Fire rendered Voice of Resurgence useless (casted on my turn). Of course, i still sided in Doom Blade and Dreadbore for the creatures that could withstand the Mortar barrage. With all these burns and removals being flailed towards my opponents’ creatures, or even to their faces, it wouldn’t be wise to not abuse it with Young Pyromancer and Guttersnipe who also provided chump blockers (and attackers when the board is open, often not) and the killing blow respectfully.

I remember this Esper control guy i played against. The first game of the set, i threw all my Annihilating Fire and Shocks at him, since there wasn’t much i could kill. Pyro, along with his army of elementals and Guttersnipe had a hell of a time attacking the open board. He found it hard to cope up with all those burns, and having only Sphinx’s Rev to up his HP again. Plus, even though he countered my burns, Guttersnipe still dealt damage, which was good enough to bring him down. He lost after 7 turns without me even being able to play my original win con. The second game was more of a challenge. Siding in a lot of counters, he did manage to survive long enough, with the help of course of Sorin, Lord of Innistrad. But he had one problem; he couldn’t finish me off quickly enough. I boarded in Rakdos Charm originally to stop Snapcaster from recycling his spells. However, its other ability is an AMAZING BURN! Midnight Haunting, Lingering Souls with Flashback + Sorin’s vampires? BY ALL MEANS!

It’s funny because it was only on the second game was i able to put down a Cavern and declared it as “Demon”. He was totally unprepared for it. At turn 5, i casted my Master. It was just a waiting game now that the Master is down. I was waiting for my Rogue’s Passage, while he was waiting for Supreme Verdict or Terminus. Unfortunate for him, i drew the Rogue’s Passage first. Finally he’s down to 1, thanks to master. Before attacking, i rotted out his hand with Rakdos’s Return to avoid an Azorius Charm, or counter. I didn’t have enough mana to finish off his both his hand and himself, so i left one open mana for the surprise finisher. As i declared “done”, he was relieved that i did not have shock in my hand. And i purposefully left one swamp open to make it look like a misplay. I was actually waiting for him to tap himself out for Sphinx’s rev, which i knew he had in his hand because Rakdos’s Return only left him with one card, and it wasn’t Azorius Charm for sure, otherwise, he would have bounced my master. “Before end of turn…” he tapped all his mana. Guttersnipe and i wore the BIGGEST SMILE. “Sphinx’s Revelation for 7,” i tried very hard to hide my glee, but i think he saw my smile. “In response…” He was surprised that i tapped that sad and lonely swamp. “Cremate.” As he had not the mana NOR the counter itself to counter it. It was the end. He was laughing so hard and said “I felt like that unfortunate goblin in the art of Rakdos, Lord of Riots!” At first, i didn’t know what he meant. So i checked the art when i got home:


This was what he meant.

It was a hell lot of fun. I am now quite known in that place for being the player who always brought weird stuff in FNM (only participating in 3 FNMs so far) There was the surprisingly successful Mono-black control which finished 3rd out of 32, something no one ever sees in play. Then the tribal vampires who finished (sadly) 36th out of 52, which seemed to have disappeared after some time. And now, a Rakdos Control that finished 2nd. I had a great satisfaction killing creatures and burning my opponents to ashes, it did keep my mind off of that Twitter post. Sometimes, a man needs to shoot fire out of his butthole and destroy some things to get his head back. And what better (in a sense that you won’t have to go to prison) way than to play Magic: The Gathering? I highly recommend this geek’s hobby to people with a reaaaaally nasty dark side…but disregard that if you’re usually on a tight budget.

I found love with this chaotic blend of death (black) and destruction (red). Although i didn’t grab the #1 spot and, again, missed out on an FNM promo card (Dimir Charm), and nothing too good in the packs. I got a Colossal Whale, Syphon Sliver, Sanguine Bond, and a foil Imposing Sovereign (which i was quite excited about), at least i might have just found my new main deck, as well as the guild i belong in. My chaos. My Carnage. My guild. Cult of Rakdos.

Also, i would like to give a shoutout to Guttersnipe who’s been exceptionally well. He came out in EVERY SINGLE GAME and finished the job Master of Cruelties could not, and even became the star of my board when the Master wasn’t around.