So it’s been raining like crazy these past few days. The bone-chilling cold hardens even the softest of hearts. What better way to spend it than deck building?

I’ve finally decided what i’m going to use for the Standard Pauper Tourney on Wednesday. The problem with the exalted was that they kept getting rebuked. Good thing my cousin and i play all the time, or else i would never have known the problems with that deck. So i spawned something new.

The bone-chilling cold hardens even the softest of hearts.

That said, i’ve turned to the dark side. The combination of death and destruction; Rakdos. I have found that the Rakdos Weenies are much MUCH easier to use (decklist). And they are, indeed, more competitive than the Exalted (decklist). I’m not really an aggro-kind of guy, my decks are usually mid-range to control, so i have no idea how easy it was to run aggro. And apparently, it’s the easiest archetype in my opinion. Control is too expensive, and mid-range is mid-priced, but have to find ways to survive long enough.

I’m having so much fun with this aggro, i might just even build it up some more (since i’m going to be building a Rakdos Control soon anyway, and my lands support B/R colors). My playtest group will be surprised to see me use a different deck. =D