Aven Squre by David Palumbo

So our local store is hosting a tournament on Wednesday; a standard pauper tourney. That’s right, a pauper fight. That means no mythics, no rares, and not even uncommons! This should be fun, considering that my first deck was a pauper exalted deck. However i had to remove some pieces like Nefarox, Sublime, and Angelic Benediction. So i thought of mixing in some auras to my exalted pieces to add some extra tang (Here’s the complete deck list). I am friends with the owner of the shop, who also happens to be the host of the tourney, and he tells me that the most coveted card that people willing to join the tourney was Centaur Healer. So it looks like i’ll be facing a lot of Selesnya weenies. Having heard that, i’ll be putting a set of Righteous Blows in my sideboard. Surprisingly one of the most underrated cards, and i don’t know why. Of course, compared to Shock or Pillar, it’s shit. But it still is a good answer against those darned weenies if you’re white. Which means you, Ash. I’m not sure what i will be up against, but i am hoping that people would stick to burns for removals instead of Murder and Victim of Night, because that would totally be the bane of me, since Divine Favor cannot save my creatures from them. I hope i win, because the prizes include Modern Masters booster packs. Imagine pulling out Tarmogoyf or Elspeth. However, win or lose, this tournament will be really fun. And i am genuinely excited for it. =)