Homicidal Seclusion

Homicidal Seclusion

So this post is about one of my hobbies: Magic, the Gathering. FNM stands for “Friday Night Magic”, a Standard format tournament held locally every Friday. I remembered it like it was yesterday (when it really was dated June 20, 2013), and here’s my deck list:

Main board:

Creatures (12)

3x Blood Artist

2x Shimian Specter

2x Evernight Shade

1x Desecration Demon

1x Bloodgift Demon

1x Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis

1x Harvester of Souls

1x Griselbrand

Non-Creature Spells (26)

3x Duress

4x Ultimate Price

4x Tragic Slip

4x Victim of Night

2x Corrupt

2x Barter in Blood

4x Mutilate

1x Exquisite Blood

2x Homicidal Seclusion

Lands (22)

19x Swamp

3x Cavern of Souls

Side board (15)

4x Mind Rot

2x Tormod’s Crypt

3x Crypt Incursion

3x Human Frailty

3x Sign In Blood

As you can see, my deck is built around removals. I was lucky in my first 3 games that i faced creature-heavy players (Naya Blitz, Gruul Aggro, and i think it was Selesnya Aggro). I won all three 2-0 each. But then in the last game (for the top spot), i faced an Esper Control. It was hard, i admit. Mind Rotting him and rendering his Snapcaster useless with Tormod’s Crypt wasn’t enough. I lost 2-1 that game and got the top 3 spot out of 32. It was a good experience. My opponents enjoyed facing a deck that is totally out of the meta, especially now when tri-color decks are king. I wasn’t able to get an FNM card for it was given only to the top 1st. It was an FNM Izzet Charm, if i recall correctly. However i didn’t mind at all. I bagged 5 boosterpacks and pulled out a Voice of Resurgence in one of those packs and a Master of Cruelties (i’m currently building a deck around this guy). That was a great night. Met new friends, finally proved that my deck is worthy, and i’m an official part of the Magic, the Gathering community! 😀 What more could you ask for (besides the FNM card)?