Hey, where are you… no, not there! Not there, either! What…I don’t even…

Oh, hello there. This is my first time doing a blog in a long time, so pardon me when i get distracted. I am more used to photo blogging (if that word exists). Yes, i take photos, critique photos, and share photos. DeviantART is my headquarters. Not that i’m saying it’s better than all the sites, but what it does have in comparison to others i’ve been in is it’s diversity. People from everywhere post constantly. This is one thing to expect from my blogs; reviews of drawings (digital & traditional), and photographs. If this does not interest you, i hope you’d be glad to know that i’ll be posting about other things as well.

Moving on, my name is Carlos. The link to my site says itscarlosnotrobin because a lot of people think my name is Robin, which is not the case. I was branded “Robin” because the photo of me in our High School year book is said to look like the football player, Robin van Persie because of my creep smile. Trust me, I don’t look like him at all. I am a photographer and had my camera robbed quite-but-not-so-recently, which crippled me. I am now back on the shooting arena, though, using my Yashica J-7 and Nikon F2. I’m a college student, studying Landscape Architecture. I will be dumping my thoughts in this blog, and by doing so, i hope to inspire other aspiring artists into keep creating, rather than to keep criticizing. Constructive criticism is good, but remember; be nice.